True Beauty is Unique

She is unique.

In today's world, we are constantly bombarded with pressures to look - act - be a certain way. Whether it's through media, peers, or social networking... in a single moment we are instantly connected to all those pressures and more. These pressures are trying to make us be more like "them" (whoever that is) or fit a certain mold that is acceptable by society. 

If we were all meant to be the same... we would. We wouldn't have our unique quirks, appearance, or interests. We'd all be robots - lame! Why do we, as young women, spend so much time trying to be just like others, one-up those around us, or keep up with the sparkle next to us.

Instead, we have to step into the intentional calling on our life with the knowledge that we are altogether beautiful and unique.

One of my favorite analogies to use when discussing this topic is a snowflake and a young women. There are millions upon millions upon millions of snowflakes in the world... but no two are the same. Each one has unique traits and beauty. If even tiny snowflakes are different... don't you think that you were created to be different as well? What makes you different, makes you beautiful.

True beauties are unique and set-apart from society. They know their worth, innate physical beauty, and unique traits that make them who they are. They are in touch with what is going on in the world, but do not feel the need to match every person or trend comes along. They use the calling on their heart and inspiration from around them to shape their life.

So how do we actually celebrate and cultivate what makes us unique?

We look at our body and appreciate that no other human in the world is an exact replica of us. Our eyes, smile, and body are uniquely crafted and it's our responsibility to care for those. We recognize that our body is innately beautiful and does not need to fit a mold. 

We look at our heart and passions. We celebrate what makes our heart beat - what gets us fired up and inspired. We realize that not everyone has a heart for the same things as us, but we still pursue our beautiful dreams and interests no matter what society says. 

We look at our mind and see where we are strong and weak. We recognize the unique gifts we have and use those to pour into others. We use our brain to fuel our purpose and strive to learn more each day. We study what makes us happy and work to study what we need. We use our mind to see the best in others and the best in ourself without comparison.

We step into being uniquely us.

True beauty is unique - and so are you.

Humbled to serve,