Embracing the 5' 9" View

For the longest time, I was insecure about my height.

I am girl who is almost 5’ 9"... which for a girl is pretty tall! Throughout middle school I was actually one of the shortest ones among my friends, but then one day I was about 2-3 inches taller than them all.

Compared to all of my friends, I felt I awkwardly stood out and it made me uncomfortable. At worship at church, I used to stand with one leg bent to try and make myself seem shorter. The worst part was heels. Now being a pageant girl and just a girl in general, I LOVE heels. Half of my shoe collection consists of an arrangement of heels. When I wear heels I am about 6 feet tall. Talk about sticking out! With heels I am often the tallest girl in the room! I can even be taller than most guys.

It drove me insane. I would debate for 20 minutes on whether or not to wear heels with an outfit or if I should just go with the flattest shoe possible. At this time I was feeling very bad about the way I looked. Not only was I insecure about my height, but then I began to pick out my imperfections. I felt maybe I needed to change who I was to fit in other was since my height wasn’t helping me. Being a perfectionist did not help the fact I felt I needed to look a certain way to be accepted. All the way around, I was a very insecure person.

Then one day, after hearing things from multiple people about loving my height or how I should not be afraid to be myself, I began to love the person God made me to be. August 23rd, 2015... I was baptized and in my video it stated that I am not a perfect person and I need someone who is to save me. I gave my life over to Christ and realized that I am never going to be perfect and that is okay. I do not need to look a certain way or be insecure.

Do not get me wrong, I still have my insecurities here and there... but I know that the love given to me from a God that loves is all that I need to feel good about the person He has made me to be.

So now... I don’t give it a second thought if I want to wear some heels out; I wear those things with confidence!

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With God's love,