Physical Attractiveness and True Beauty - Mutually Exclusive?

True Beauties - 

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The term "beauty" is tossed around more than ocean waves. The dictionary defines beauty as:

"A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight."


"A beautiful or pleasing thing or person"

With that, we can see that much of the definition is up to personal interpretation. What one person considers "beautiful" may not be the same as the next person's definition. Honestly, it's confusing and hard to navigate at times... but I've made an effort to break it down.

Do you realize that every part of your body was created intentionally and perfectly? You have innate physical beauty. That means before you could even contour - you were beautiful because of how you were made. You have a beautiful exterior no matter what society says. That is an unshakable truth. Society's definition of beauty - or more easily understood as "physical attractiveness" - will vary from one generation and culture to another. But your body is beautiful and perfect through all those times. We must take the term "beautiful" and "physical attractiveness" back into our own hands and not let it be dependent on however society currently defines it. Your body is beautiful and perfect - that's not up for negotiation... it's fact. 

You have a beautiful exterior - but the ultimate form of beauty... true beauty... is your heart. It's you being unique, confident, and inspirational. It's being filled with love, joy, peace, kindness, faithfulness, self-control, patience, goodness, and gentleness. It's being every ounce of YOU.

You can be beautiful on the outside because of how you were created.... but if you don't radiate beauty from the inside... are you truly beautiful?

You can be considered "beautiful" by society's definition... but if you aren't kind to others... are you truly beautiful? 

You can be a world renowned model... but if you spend all your time trying to be like everyone else.... are you allowing your true beauty to shine?

I'll let you answer those questions on your own.

Physical attractiveness and True Beauty... mutually exclusive? No. You can have both but it's your choice. You are physically attractive by birth - but your true beauty is up to you. Society may or may not consider you "beautiful" but our goal is for you to clearly understand that your physical beauty is innate and factual... and your true beauty is who you are.

What will you choose? Just physical beauty.... or all together true beauty?

You were created to be both and now it's in your hands... choose wisely.